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Equipment numbering system.

As part of a planned maintenance system, it is important that all equipment is numbered so that a track can be kept of its life, servicing and repairs. Put a label on the equipment with the number on it or engrave it on.

An example of such a numbering system could be as follows;
• Prefix, to donate the type of equipment.
• Unique number.
• Suffix, to identify the location.

Prefixes could read something like this;
A – Anaesthetic machine.
V – Ventilator.
S – Sucker.
E – EMO.
O – OMV.
OB – Oxford inflating bellows.
C – Concentrator.
I – Incubator.

And so on.
For the suffix an indication of location.

P – Pokhara.
K – Kathmandu.
B – Biratnigar.

Followed by a location letter for within the hospital

TH – Theatre.
W – Ward.
And so on.

These allocated numbers should be kept on a record card. Then on the reverse, a date and a brief description of work carried out.

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