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This is a simple instrument that has very little to go wrong with it.
It will provide a supply of oxygen-enriched air through an E.M.O to vaporise ether or with an O.M.V to vaporise your anaesthetic agent.
It consists of a fine jet through which oxygen passes into a venturi chamber, thus air is drawn in to dilute the oxygen.

In the case of an E.M.O. it is plugged into the inlet, a blood pressure machine is attached to the sidearm and oxygen added from a cylinder and flowmeter.
The flow is adjusted to give a pressure on the B.P machine of 100 mm Hg.
The entrainer will now deliver the correct flow of 10. lpm.
With oxygen as the driving gas an inspired oxygen of about 35% is given.

Remember ether and oxygen so mixed is an explosive mixture so it is better to test them with an empty Vaporiser or at the very least in a well ventilated spot.

If the outlet of the unit is blocked the high pressure gas escapes from the air inlet ports and the maximum pressure in the system will be 15 cm H2O.
This acts as a safety valve preventing the patient from getting a dangerous pressure.

The maintenance of these could not be easier.
There is a fine filter provided to prevent dust from entering the venturi chamber. There is also a fine mesh which protects the air entry port.
Make sure the filters are clear. The jet may be removed for cleaning.
DO NOT push wire through the jet to clean it as in time you will alter the size of the jet.
Use something softer like the brush bristle or a piece of fishing nylon.

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