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Victor Goldman was a London anaesthetist with a large dental practice. He designed his vaporiser as a simple way of vaporising halothane for dental practice. It was first produced in 1959 and became popular, prompting a redesign in 1962. The Mark II (Above) version had improved vaporising qualities and with a ‘click on’ control. It uses a glass vaporising bowl taken from the AC Delco fuel filter popular on motor vehicles of this period. There is no temperature compensation in it.

In truth, you are most unlikely to see one of these.

There is little to go wrong with these, the glass bowl is quite thick so it does not break easily but obviously will break if you drop it. The bowl is held in place by the screw at the bottom. If I remember rightly (it is a long time since I last saw one) it has a cork flat washer to seal it.


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