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This is another type of vaporiser that is some times found on BRITISH OXYGEN anaesthetic machines. Again they are not used so much these days but in case you do still use them, the following tells you all about them.

Below a Halox and the calculator.


The HALOX vaporiser is a `copper kettle’ type in which the vapour strength is controlled by regulating a flow of oxygen through the liquid.
A separate flowmeter is provided, from which oxygen is fed to the vaporiser emerging from a sintered glass diffuser immersed in the liquid halothane.
A thermometer is fitted to indicate the temperature of the halothane.
Each HALOX vaporiser is supplied with a simple slide rule calculator relating halothane concentration, at a known temperature and flow rate, to oxygen through halothane flowmeter reading.
The calculator enables the anaesthetist to measure accurately the exact amount of halothane vapour being added to the gas stream, this being important during closed circuit techniques and low minute volume operation.

The halox vaporiser should be serviced as follows;
1. Remove the glass bottle and examine it for cleanliness and damage, replace if required.

2. Examine the bottle sealing washer for serviceability, replace as necessary.

3. Examine the body for cleanliness, damage and security of attachment of components.

4. Examine the sintered glass filter and thermometer for serviceability, replace as necessary.

5. Refit glass bottle.

6. Examine halox slide rule calculator for serviceability and stowage for security of

This will just involve testing along with the other items on the back-bar of the anaesthetic machine, for leaks and so on.
An actual check on the accuracy of the instrument can only be done with the proper anaesthetic gas analyser.
As with the other old vaporisers the chances are that you won’t be able to buy any spares for them if parts do break, you will have to use old badly damaged ones to keep the better ones in service. see drawing.
See the section on anaesthetic machines for the back-bar testing procedure.
As with the Ether vaporiser parts may not be available still here are the part numbers:

Halox Halothane vaporiser (part number 310751).

Diagram of a Halox.



Item Name Part number
1. Screw, 10 BA x 3/32 in, Round head. 430454
2. Cage assembly 310862
3. Cage end 310843
4. Non-return valve assembly 311648
5. Washer 310842
6. Hex, stem 310853
7. Sealing washer 310840
8. Male cage mount assembly 310673
9. O ring 310676
10. O ring 108202
11. O ring 310676
12. B.S. adult/Paediatric outlet 310675
13. O ring 108202
14. Cage end 310843
15. Screw, 10 BA x 3/32 in, round head 430454
16. Washer 310842
17. O ring 108103
18. Gas distribution tube 310839
19. Thermometer 310845
20. Halothane bottle 50-100 ml 310857

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