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This little article has little to do with maintenance. However, I think that this is such a super idea that I just had to add it and spread the idea around.
It might be that your workshop is not very well lit and there is no money to provide more lighting.
The idea of using plastic bottles for putting daylight into otherwise dark or poorly lit rooms was first pioneered by Alfredo Moser from Brazil in 2002.
The Solar Bottle Bulb, as it has also been called, is installed in the roof of homes with the purpose of refracting sunlight in order to light up a room. The project’s innovation lies in its utilization of cheap, durable and readily available materials to produce high quality natural lighting enabling the urban poor to have access to an affordable, environmentally friendly long-term alternative to electric light for use during the day.
Most of the plastic bottles used are recycled, 1.5 liter bottles that lend the technology its name. After being filled with water and bleach, the bottle is pushed through a steel sheet that serves as a metal lock to prevent it from slipping. It is then embedded into a corrugated iron roof. A small part of the bottle is left outside while the rest of it protrudes into the house. A sealant is put around the hole made in the roof to keep it weather proof. The refractive properties of water ensures that the light from the sun that reaches the inside of the bottle becomes omni-directional mimicking an electric light bulb and emitting the same amount of light as a 40-60 W incandescent bulb depending on the amount of solar insolation available. Adding bleach to the water prevents it from turning green with algae and ensures a high quality light keeping the water clear for a longer time.
As the light relies on the sun it cannot be used at night and is only meant to provide light to buildings and homes during day light hours.

this shows the bottles sticking out of the roof. A black cap works best.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 21.47.37





The next photo shows the lights in the room.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 21.48.21


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