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You are unlikely to come across one of these, they are very old and made of glass so few will have survived.

They were used for spraying things into the mouth, most often by an anaesthetist to spray the vocal chords with some sort of local anaesthetic to make intubation with an ET tube less unpleasant.

However, should you come across one that is not broken the only fault is likely to be the rubber bulb and tube is perished.

You can replace it with the inflation bulb from an aneroid BP machine.

It is possible that the red rubber bung is perished, in which case you won’t generate any pressure.

To check it, carefully pull out the spray nozzle and rubber bung, put a little water into the tube, replace the bung and nozzle and squeeze the bulb, you should get a fine spray out of the nozzle.

The whole unit.




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