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Are used for measuring the weight of things.
There are many different types that you may come across, electronic ones, spring balances, steelyard scales (fixed pan and hanging hook and weights that slide along the cross arm).
What I wanted to say about scales was one small useful tip, (because I really can’t say that I know a great deal about the subject or if there is much to be said about it.)
The tip is this that if you ever get a set of ordinary balance scales, pan on one side and a tray on the other, pivot in the middle, to which you add weights to till they level up, and the complaint is that they don’t level up with nothing in the pan and no weights on, as they should do, probably what has happened is that the pan has been swapped around and they have gone out of balance, because what they do is make them balance with a set pan on it, if the pan is changed it may be of a different weight and upset things.
How you regain the balance is this, under the part where the weights sit will be a small container, it is often held on by two screws, undo the screws and you will see a compartment with lots of lead balls in it, these are the calibrating balls, to get the scales to level up again add or take away balls as required, then screw the compartment back in place.
Having told you about all this the scales that you look at won’t have this, but for those of you who do now you know, for the rest look for something similar.
Spring balance scales will have an adjusting screw somewhere around the back.
Take the bottom off the spring balances from time to time and apply a little oil to all the springs and levers, if you don’t they will go rusty and up set the sensitivity of them, not that they have much to start with.
Some doctors are keen to buy super electronic scales, do all you can to stop them. I tell you this because you will land yourself with a lot of extra work. They are no more accurate, in sensible terms, than ordinary balance scales, but you will be up and down time and time again adjusting them and doing repairs.
Apart from that they use electricity which costs money, the others use gravity which is generally considered to be free.

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