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The Schimmelbusch mask is a device for delivering an anaesthetic mixture to a patient.

It was invented by Curt Schimmelbusch in 1890, and was used until the 1950s.

However, I have seen it used in 2010, see photographs below.

It consists of a wire frame that is covered with several beds of gauze¬†and applied to the patient’s face over the mouth and nose. Then an anesthetic liquid, usually Ether or Halothane and at one time Chloroform¬†is dripped on it allowing the patient to inhale a mix of the evaporated anesthetic and air. The device is designed to prevent the anaesthetic from coming in contact with the patient’s skin, where it can cause irritation. The problem with it is that the anaesthetic agent gets into the room and can be breathed in by the person giving it.

In terms of maintenance, there really is none other than making sure the two parts, the mask and the wire clamp, are there and not bent. If it is of the mesh type below, make sure the mesh is a nice shape.

If they are bent, a gentle manipulation with your fingers or a few taps with a small hammer should solve the problem and ensure that they fit together nicely.

The one shown below I saw in Uganda, some have this wire mesh over it to hold the gauze others just have a simple wire frame that is hinged to the base part.

In this case the wire mesh is held in place by a spring arrangement.


mask (1)



Schimmelbusch mask with halothane to quieten child.Mengo hospital Kampala 08

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