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Spring types.

We all know what springs are but there are different types for doing different jobs, they have different names.

Below are examples of different types of spring.

Compression spring.

These squeeze together to give a load, in other words, they push.

A normal compression spring.


A conical compression spring.



Extension spring.

These stretch to create a load, in other words, they pull.



Torsion spring.

These rotate around an axis to create a load, in other words, they can pull or push at right angles to the coil.



Constant force spring.

Also called a “clock spring”, because it is often found in clockworks. This spring is made of a band of steel wrapped around itself a number of times to create a geometric spiral. The idea is to create a rotational force that releases a constant amount of load, instead of a quick burst of power. Be careful when removing these from a mechanism. They tend to unravel suddenly. They are great for things that need to rotate many times and still have a reasonable amount of force to apply and release.



Spring washer.

Not what you would normally think of as a spring, they are put on to a bolt and sit under the head of the bolt. The put a force on the head of the screw to help stop it coming undone.



Belleville Washers or a disc spring.

As above not what you would think of as a spring. These can be used singly or stacked up. If you stack them in the same direction it will create a stiffer spring but with the same deflection. Stack them in an alternate direction will soften the spring action but give a greater deflection.





Leaf spring.

These really do not come into equipment maintenance but here for interest. They are used as suspension in lorries.





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