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Vacuum extraction system.
These are used in maternity units to assist the delivery of babies.
There are two sorts, the hand-operated type and the electric ones.
I won’t dwell too much on the electric type as these are much the same as any other sucker but with the extra attachments.
There is a control to limit the applied pressure and a foot operated switch which allows the operator to release the pressure even though they may have both hands in use. In addition, there is a timer which tells the staff how long the pressure has been applied for.
The pressure should not be applied for longer than 20 minutes or with a pressure greater than 0.8 kg cm sq.
Maintenance should be simple, electrical safety checks and pressure checks should be done at regular intervals.
Inspect the tubing the bottle connections and ‘O’ rings if you suspect a leak and are unable to get the pressure you want.
A light smear of Silicone grease on any exterior sealing rings will help.
Do not use Silicone on any moving metal parts in the pump.
The insides will be the same as any other sucker.
See section on Sucker maintenance.


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